This Adorable Dinosaur-Obsessed Kiddo Is The Hero America Needs Right Now

This Adorable Dinosaur-Obsessed Kiddo Is The Hero America Needs Right Now
Laura Hopkins

Sometimes there's a kid that comes along that blows cuteness out of the water. For a long LONG time we had Kermit and Joey from Sesame Street holding it down as one of the cutest kid videos out there:

...anyway that held it down for over 20 years until British people began posting videos of their kids to YouTube. When Charlie Bit My Finger hit the scene in the early 2000's it took the world by storm, so much so that the family was able to generate enough money to put both of those boys through college.

Not to be outdone, America had their answer and it came in the form of David returning from the Dentist. As cute and funny as it is a PSA against drug abuse, David At the Dentist showed us that recording your kids after a surgical procedure could be YouTube gold.

While David has done our United States of America proud for many years, it seems that a challenger has approached, daring to take back the belt for The United Kingdom.

We present to you the video of Noel and his dinosaurs:

In some ways it's not really fair, this country cuteness rivalry. It's not fair because there's something about the Scottish or English accent on a toddler that is just so irresistibly charming. That's probably what sky-rocketed Charlie Bit My Finger to such great heights and it certainly is part of Noel's appeal. That of course combined with his extensive knowledge of dinosaurs along with a hairdo and the Toy Story pj's that seem to scream "I'm about to be put down for the night!" Oh did we mention that glasses? Those glasses had to be picked out due to their adorable factor of +10.

Laura Hopkins, from Inverness, Scotland is Noel's mom, and this video isn't the first time she shared her son with the YouTube world. Noel rose to some notoriety earlier this year when he blamed who but Batman the Caped Crusader for allegedly drawing on his mirror. Noel unfortunately was not able to keep up the charade. Can't wait to see what he does next!

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